Dear Powell Pool Members,

We appreciate your patience as the board has spent the past 2 weeks reviewing all the recent state mandates and guidelines to see if reversing our decision to close this summer made sense. We also took into consideration additional recommendations from Delaware county which made it very clear that if a facility was not able to adhere to ALL the guidelines then the pool must remain closed. As all 7 of us took seats on this board, we intend to carry on the community spirit we all have come to know and love at our pool over the years. Continuing to provide a safe and clean family environment while being fiscally responsible remains our mission.

Unfortunately after gathering as much data as possible, we are sorry to say the pool will in fact remain closed this summer. We share in your disappointment as our families along with yours know what the pool means to all of us. Please understand we spent countless hours modeling as many scenarios as possible within the mandatory guidelines. In addition we had several calls with the health department as well as other pools that were moving ahead or recently made their final decision to close.

In the end the main factors driving this final decision was safety, financial implications and the overall swimming experience. As you hear of other pools opening, these facilities operate under different membership and financial support models that allow them to take a different stance. For instance, they are able to hire additional workers to focus on full compliance with the new and ever changing guidelines. As a reminder we are funded 100% through our memberships which poses more of a challenge at this time for opening, operational costs and ensuring safety during this difficult time. Secondly, within the new guidelines we took into account all factors such as the number of people allowed on the deck at one time along with designated time slots which in the end did not offer an equitable plan for enough guaranteed time in the water per family. Lastly and most importantly we were very concerned about the inability to strictly enforce social distancing requirements especially while in the water. The potential risks were just far too great for us to feel comfortable with a plan that would follow the mandates and avoid us getting shut down.

We kindly ask for your support and understanding of this decision as difficult as it is. While the recent hot weather only makes us miss the pool more, we know we will come back stronger than ever next season. We wish you a safe and healthy summer. If you have questions please email us and we will do our best to respond and/or update our FAQ page.


OSA Board of Trustees

Letter from the Delaware Department of Health
Ohio Government Mandatory Requirements for Aquatic Facilities
CDC Recommendations for Public Pools

Powell is a very special community and we know what the Powell Pool means to all of us and our families. We were looking forward to celebrating our 25th season this year and were excited to share improvements such as new bathroom renovations and flooring.  Our board remains committed and focused on next season and truly appreciate all of your continued support.  We look forward to celebrating a grand re-opening with you in 2021!  Until then, stay safe and well.

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