Message from the OSA Board

May 12, 2021

Hello Members,

We are excited to once again welcome everyone back to the Powell Pool this season. It is hard to believe that we are only a 2 weeks away from officially kicking off the 2021 swim season. As a board, we have been working hard to get the pool ready and most importantly ensure the safety of all of us and our families. 

Many of you have been asking what the pool experience will look like this season and we recently received updated guidance from the Ohio Department of Health which helped shape our pool rules below. Most of what is listed follows the norms we are all accustomed to this past year. Overall, we focused on creating a fair policy for all members to adequately plan and have a chance for equal swim opportunities for everyone within the restrictions we need to abide by. 

Director’s Order for Social Distancing, Facial Covering, and Non-Congregating

Our goal is to provide as “normal” of a swim experience as possible all while managing safety and fairness for everyone at the pool and following the protocols set forth in the Director’s Order:

  • We will have reservations this season with the schedule listed below. Reservations can be made via our reservation system. We ask that you please make reservations ahead and not at the front desk. The system should make this a convenient and easy process for you to visually see dates and times open for swimming. Please see the following link for all the details. SWIM RESERVATIONS


Swim Session I11:30 – 2:15 (2.75 hours)11:00 – 2:00 (3 hours)
Life Guard Breaks12:15 and 1:1511:45, 12:45, and 1:45
CLOSED FOR CLEANING2:15 – 2:452:00 – 2:30
Swim Session II2:45 – 5:30 (2.75 hours)2:30 – 5:30 (3 hours)
Life Guard Breaks3:30 and 4:303:15, 4:15, and 5:15
CLOSED FOR CLEANING5:30 – 6:005:30 – 6:00
Swim Session III6:00 – 8:30 (2.5 hours)6:00 – 8:30 (2.5 hours)
Life Guard Breaks6:45 and 7:456:45 and 7:45

Please be aware that everyone is required to leave after each swim session.  We will announce 15 minutes prior to the end of the session so you have advance notice. If you are 1 hour late for your reservation, we will consider that a “no-show” and open the space for others to reserve. Please be considerate and cancel your reservation if you are no longer able to come to the pool. 

  • Our pool capacity per the formula provided by the department of health will be 318 people per swim session. The reservation schedule above was designed to allow for as much fairness to accommodate as many as possible to take advantage of the swim time available
  • We do plan to have our pool chairs available. At this time however we are still determining the number of chairs we can have set out based on the 6 feet social distancing requirement. All chairs will be sanitized between sessions and we ask that you do not move the furniture from your family/household space on deck. 
  • In the past we have allowed outside chairs, but this year due to limited deck space we ask that you please do not bring in your own chairs.
  • Similar to years past, you will check in at the front desk with your family name and the family members that accompany you to ensure we are managing to our pool capacity and your reservation. Please respect social distancing while waiting in line to check in. The main entrance will be split into a side to enter and then a side to exit 
  • Please follow all signage and remember to socially distance while on deck and not congregate in large groups other than your family (refer to social distance & congregating section in the links above) 
  • As long as proper social distancing can be maintained between household groups masks are not required when outdoors at the pool. If social distancing is difficult or unable to be achieved, then masks are required. We do ask that you wear masks when in the restroom as that is considered an indoor room.
  • We will have hand sanitizer distributed around the pool for your convenience.
  • Our pool management team will be cleaning high touch surfaces throughout the day.
  • Wherever possible, floor markings will be placed on the concrete for all requirements for social distancing and we ask your help to support this for everyone’s safety.
  • Our board will be keeping a close eye on the Department of Health and Director’s Orders for any updates and changes as we roll into Summer and make any/all adjustments. We are all hopeful at some point in the near future the restrictions could be lifted, but until then we truly appreciate your understanding and support.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of the Powell Pool. We appreciate your commitment to safety and following the protocols. We also appreciate your kind understanding and flexibility as we make adjustments through the ever-changing conditions/regulations due to the pandemic.  We can expect frequent visits from the health department to see how we are operating regarding safety and can only keep the pool open and make this work with your help. We are excited to welcome you all back to the pool for a fun season ahead. During this past year we heard from many of you what this pool means to you and your family over the years and once again look to create many memories this upcoming swim season. 


OSA Board of Trustees