Q & A

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions regarding the OSA Powell Pool.

1. Will we be refunded if the pool is unable to open due to COVID-19?

The OSA Powell Pool Board has agreed to reimburse all memberships if the pool is unable to open for the 2020 Season due to the COVID-19.  We are scheduled to open on Friday, May 22nd (We will keep you posted if a delayed opening will need to occur.)  At this time however we have not received any instructions from the state of Ohio or our pool management company to delay our opening.  We will keep a close eye on this and update our members as changes develop.

2. When are the bathrooms being updated?

The OSA Powell Pool Board of Trustees is happy to announce that the bathrooms are being updated this Spring (2020).  Members will see new floors, more lighting, and other updates for the 2020 Swim Season.

3. What is the update for the Mushroom this season?

We realize this was a popular topic in the member survey with so many varied opinions which we take to heart. In order to operate the mushroom this year it would cost in excess of $7,000 for a new motor and plumbing repairs. Given that cost and being financially responsible with our budget for other improvements the board supports not operating the mushroom. We are considering removing it and looking toward the future to add an entirely new and exciting water feature.

4. How is the OSA Powell Pool funded?

OSA Powell Pool is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and it depends on membership fees, gazebo rental fees, and guest pass fees to make up the budget for all operating and capital costs.  We do not receive outside money from the City of Powell or any other government resources.  We are currently looking to establish sponsorship relations with local businesses if possible. We are always looking for creative ways to raise money so if you are interested in helping the OSA Powell Pool board with fundraising, please send an email to maryelorenz@gmail.com.  Thank you!